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Electronics MODELS


The ECO Brain is the center of an ECO Green recycling facility.  This control system monitors each processing station and individual equipment performance in real time.

The ECO Brain technology allows operators to see exact input and output measurements from each station…while providing options to make system adjustments in order to increase profitability and performance.

  • ECO Brain Monitoring Features:

    •  ECO Service Support Team Notifications (Electronic notices automatically sent to ECO Green’s Support Team for service follow up)
    • Daily Production Report
    • Weekly and Daily Amperage Reports
    • Product Temperature Reports
    • Visual & Sounding Alarms
    • Emergency Stop “Lock-Out” on all major equipment
    • Desktop Control Computer and Monitor Included


  • Specialty Suppliers

    Logo DDI

    ECO Green Equipment utilizes industry recognized specialty suppliers such as Rockwell Automation and DDI for electronic controls for all tire recycling equipment installations.

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