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Two-shaft Tire Shredders

Two-shaft Tire Shredders MODELS


Two-shaft shredders are slow or high speed primary shredders which are typically the first industrial machine waste materials see.  These are powerful units that cut and shred raw materials down to manageable sizes. Typical two-shaft shredders output 2”-6” inch waste shreds for use or further processing.

  • Two-shaft Shredder Processing:

    • Whole Scrap Tires Reduced to 2”-6” shreds
    • Can process large amounts of input per hour
    • Can be used to process various waste materials
    • Can be configured with re-circulatory accessory equipment
  • Two-shaft Shredder Markets:

    • Scrap Tire Rubber Market
    • Plastics, Wood, and Metal Markets
    • Useful for other Waste Markets
  • Two-shaft Shredder Benefits:

    • Quickly Reduces Waste Stockpiles
    • Can shred various materials depending on size and design
    • Suitable for both small and large-scale projects

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